What can the plus12 do

Mit dem Schuhmessgerät plus12 wird die Innenlänge von Kinderschuhen und die Fusslänge gemessen. Beim Füssemessen werden automatisch 12 mm zur Fusslänge addiert.

The plus12 is the first precise measuring device - independent of brand and shoe size.
Did you know that over half of all children tested wear shoes that are much too short for their feet?
Poorly-fitting shoes cause damage to kids' feet! To fit correctly, the inside length of a shoe should be at least 12 mm longer than the foot.
What the plus12 can do:
  • It measures the length of children's feet and automatically adds 12 mm extra space (approx. ½ inch) for a proper fit
  • Measures the precise inner length of the shoe (up to size 45)