How the plus12 works

Measuring the length of children's feet and the inner length of the shoe.

Video-instruction of the plus12

Note: The plus12 automatically adds 12 mm to the foot length when the foot is measured!

1. Foot measurement

Place plus12 by the side of the foot, so that the red arrow is a bit longer than the big toe. Then stand your child barefoot or in close-fitting socks on the plus12.
Beim Fuesse messen mit dem Schuhmessgeraet plus12, den Fuss neben das plus12 stellen, Massband ausfahren, Fuss auf das Massband stellen und Messwert auf der Skala ablesen.

Helpful hint: Leave the tape measure sticking out under the longest toe. Slightly lift the child's foot, then press it lightly onto the red arrow until it reaches the end.

Hier sieht man, wie die Zehen auf dem plus12 positioniert werden: Einfach die laengste Zehe bis zum Anschlag der roten Spitze des plus12 stellen.

Read the millimeter* gauge on the back of the tape measure (that is the foot length including 12 mm extra space).

Now you already have the correct inner length for the right fitting shoe!

Die Skala des plus12 zeigt sowohl Millimeter als auch Schuhgroessen an. Das erleichtert das Finden eines passenden Kinderschuhs.

2. Shoe measurement

Insert the plus12 into the shoe until the red arrow touches the point of the shoe. If you have a problem when putting the instrument into the shoe (the red arrow does not reach the end of the toe area) it means that the toecap of the shoe is too low.

Mit dem plus12 die Innenlänge von Kinderschuhen messen: Von der Ferse bis zur Schuhspitze.

Read the millimeter gauge on the back of the tape measure*.

So what size is this shoe, anyway? Our research has shown that most children’s shoes are misleadingly (Link to our study, abstract in english) . A shoe labeled EU size 30 (UK 11.5) is usually only a size 28 (UK size 10) in length. This is why we recommend measuring the inside length in millimeter. If you want to convert the length to size, please see


* May vary slightly.

3. Does the shoe fit?

If the plus12 foot measurement is the same as the shoe measurement, then the shoe fits, and allows the necessary 12 mm of extra space inside. For example, if the foot measures 180 mm on the plus12, then the inside of the shoe should also be 180 mm. New shoes can leave a bit more room for growing, but not more than 17mm.
For example, if the foot measures 180 mm, then the inside of the shoe should not be longer than 185 mm.

Fuß im Schuh, Spielraum sichtbar

Fuß im Schuh, kein Spielraum

Download manual plus12

Mit dem Schuhmessgerät plus12 wird die Innenlänge von Kinderschuhen und die Fusslänge gemessen. Beim Füssemessen werden automatisch 12 mm zur Fusslänge addiert.

plus12 (PDF 4.0MB)

plus12 (PDF 4.0MB)

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